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Our Courses

Welcome to the courses delivered by Cultural Creatives CIC.

As we planned this project none of us had any idea that a global pandemic would see everything delayed.  And just as so many other organisations were forced to shut in 2020, we decided to go ahead with the delivery of our courses harnessing technology to enable us to deliver courses online.  

We are passionate about what we do. We know how much creating something can help us with our own mental health and wellbeing.  Now more than ever we feel that our courses are needed. 

Course Aims

Cultural Creatives Community Interest Company aims to teach traditional craft skills to our local communities, providing essential skills to transform the way we look at contemporary consumerism. We teach participants how to mend, recycle and re-invent textiles into functional or decorative items. Participants will learn about different fabrics and dyeing techniques. They will learn and apply hand-printing techniques, develop simple sewing skills and take on patchwork from scraps with repeated geometric designs, or make a small piece using traditional rug techniques.  

Course Outcomes

We are a team dedicated to teaching traditional craft skills whilst raising awareness of mental health conditions and the environmental impact of textile consumerism. Our emphasis is on creating personal, quality items, mending and remaking old into new. We embrace new technologies whilst providing opportunities to learn from our craft heritage. Environmental impact of the textile industry is a global problem very much present in the media today. Cultural Creatives CIC will work with the local community to look at ways we can reduce textile waste whilst also restoring our own wellbeing through partaking in affordable craft activities.    

Our sessions encourage sharing of skills, developing pairs or small groups working to nurture and support aesthetic creativity and practical achievement across the group. We encourage intergenerational sharing, to overcome stereotyping and highlight the positive relationships, increased understanding and respect that can develop between generations. This can support positive mental health by helping individuals view society in a positive and appreciative way. 

Our Values

Through the process of creative recycling we draw parallels with life lessons and the importance of rebuilding, learning and mending to help develop positive mental health attitudes create opportunities for social interaction and provide support through sign posting to specialist services. 

 Our staff are highly experienced and very knowledgeable in their chosen areas, differentiating to suit participant needs.  We will also stretch and challenge each participant to reach his or her full potential. 

Course Taster…How To Make A Gelatine Plate

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